Competing in the Pokémon Regional Championship is like finding diamonds in Minecraft. When you compete in high-end tournaments, its like saying your deck is ready to step into the ring. Fight the real fight. Dive into the deep end of the pool. This is real.

Although, there are secondary perks to going. Besides the intense feeling you get of competing, you get access to cool promotional cards and merchandise, new players to trade with, and the ability to sell some old cards in bulk. Make a few bucks AND compete in an intense tournament? I’m in!

My experience is the thrill of new players. Meeting new people and seeing how vast the community is. Makes you realize how small you are on the scale of things. The card game for Pokémon has a World Championship series. That’s pretty amazing, yes? Yes!

If you’ve ever been slightly interested in the video games for Pokémon, then you need to get into the card game. Leave the video game competitions to the kids. The card game is serious strategy. It takes an understanding of the cards and mechanics to work the system to your advantage. This isn’t just a chess-like strategy game, it’s like playing Risk and chess at the same time, while making sure your strategy is more turns ahead of your opponent at any given moment.

Although, younger kids can play as well. If you’re a mom or dad with a 5 year old, or even a 10 year old, you can help your kids play. The basics are very simple and kids pick up on it very quickly. The intense strategy is where you as the adult come in. If you help them design a deck that has an advanced strategy (but simple to understand, if you know what I mean), then your child will be playing in the top of his class in no time at all. Kids are amazingly adaptable when it comes to what they love: Pokémon and Parental Attention.

Just remember that the Pokémon environment is all about Honesty, Fairness, and Respect. We call this the Spirit of the Game. If you can teach this to your children, whether they are involved in Pokémon or not, wouldn’t the world always be a better place? I believe it would. We need you, your kids need you, your family members need you. What you can offer to our environment is invaluable. It is amazing. It is priceless. It is called companionship; it is called friendship. It is called You.

Ready to play? Head to your local store that carries Pokémon cards and buy a starter deck. This will teach you all the basics of game play. Then head to to find an event closest to you. Lastly, show up! There is nothing more exciting than a new player showing up to league meetings. 🙂

See you on the battlefield!

Professor Wolfe

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