I am currently working on a new costume for a friend. My deadline is mid-September, as we are going to Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of September 2014. I am extremely excited to be making this costume. I have been researching different ways to make it for nearly a year already (albeit off and on, but he decided on this build about a year ago).

If you’re a fan of Guild Wars, this is for you.

If you are a fan of detailed cosplay, this is for you, too.

Here are some pictures, pulled from the Guild Wars Wiki.

Dervish_Obsidian_armor_m_dyed_front Dervish_Obsidian_armor_m_dyed_left Dervish_Obsidian_armor_m_dyed_right Dervish_Obsidian_armor_m_dyed_back

He also wants to use Grenth’s Grasp for his scythe. This is a very ominous looking, killer scythe. It is so amazing. I am going to have fun making it, too. Here are pictures of it, also pulled from the wiki.



I will post pictures (in an album) on the site here. I may also use outside sources, such as Facebook or Flickr. Depends on the time I have to upload them.

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