So it seems everyone in my life is pregnant, except me. This give me the opportunity to practice baby showers! I never liked baby showers, what with all the gross games to play (such as tossing a chocolate filled diaper about). So I am trying to find a way to break the mold, make baby showers more fun, and keep the intimacy to an all time low. Think about it, you have to be good friends with people to stick a spoonful of baby food in your mouth and make an embarrassing face. At least that’s how it is for me!

My friend has allowed me to throw her a shower for her friends and in-laws in our area, while her mom plans a shower for her out of town where her family and other friends are. Since she is always saying “I don’t like that classic baby stuff,” I feel the urge to give her the most amazing, un-ordinary baby shower ever.

Her theme is elephants, and I pushed a little bit of whale into the bathroom scene. I think it will all work out. Y’know, whales and elephants. It’s all good. 🙂

She is having a baby boy, and since she dislikes classic baby themes, such as “baby boy blue,” we are leaning more towards a teal/turquoise color. Alternate and complimenting colors are going to be gray and white. She is exactly set on a “color theme” so there is some variation in what can be used.

Since I do crafts, I plan to crochet her some well-made wash clothes (super soft, of course!) and towels. I’m also looking at a small blanket with an elephant plush in the middle. I’m hoping I can collaborate with the ladies she wants to invite to the shower and get together some great product for her to start her family with her hubby.

More information as it arises will be posted alongside pictures of the cake and presents!

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