twitchlogoHello again! To start off this video career of mine, I am going to begin by broadcasting via Twitch. I haven’t had time to record and edit any Minecraft videos, although it is still being planned and I do currently have some video that is waiting for me to edit it. I will probably begin uploading Minecraft videos on YouTube next month.

That’s okay! Since I do have time to play games, and I own an Xbox One, I can broadcast on Twitch! Do you have a Twitch account? Yes? Be sure to follow me for notifications when I start broadcasting! What’s this? You say you don’t have a Twitch account? It’s okay! You can still watch my channel, but if you want to receive notifications, you’ll have to sign up. Don’t worry! It’s free to sign up!

I currently own several games on Xbox One. Others I can rent for a few days if there are enough requests for it. Here are the games I currently own:

As of tonight, however, I have Thief rented. So if you’re receiving this update now, head over to my feed and watch! I will be broadcasting tonight around 9:00 PM Eastern.

If you’re uninterested in watching Twitch feeds, but still want Minecraft to be uploaded, be sure to follow/friend/like on appropriate pages so you can stay notified when I begin uploading!

As always, thanks for being awesome!

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