It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I assure you I have thought about you all every day. Working at GameStop has cost me alot of time to stream, record, and post. It’s even cost me the time to work on my cosplay outfits.

Enough of the sad news, though! My newest manager, we will call him Charles, is into the cosplay scene. So I am hoping I can pull off a nice cosplay with enough time off, and yes, using cosplay as an excuse. I may even be able to make him one as well! Wouldn’t that be cool? 😀

So I decided since I don’t have alot of time to play the games I’d like to record, stream, and blog about, I’ve decided to talk more of work. I mean, c’mon, its GameStop! I work every day talking about video games to people. I may as well talk to you about them, too! I’m so excited!

So my big watchlist is this:

Do you have any thoughts on any of these games? I’d like to talk about each one! Leave a comment, tweet me @TheRogueWolfe, or head over to facebook to post on my page!

Love you all!


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