Whether you’re a newlywed, new parents, been married for several years, or your kids have already moved out, every couple needs a date night. One of the most important parts of a relationship is staying in touch with each other. Spending quality time with the love of your life is the best medicine for stress, too! Sometimes, we all just need to relax and enjoy our time with our families.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of going out to spend money. My husband and I always save as much as we can for anniversaries, but when it comes to the regular date nights we get frugal.

I will admit that, while we haven’t had a ton of money, we’ve had some very unhealthy, yet fancy, meals. There was one night I made two packages of creamy chicken ramen and one cheap chicken pot pie (single serve one). I dished out the ramen onto two plates, swirled the noodles, and crushed up the pot pie and topped the ramen. It looked like I’d made an expensive dinner but it cost us less than $3. I felt guilty that it was unhealthy, albeit very delicious, but it’s all we had in the cupboard until payday. We put some water in wine glasses and lit a candle and we didn’t feel like we were broke.

Here are 5 simple, inexpensive dates to try!

1. Candlelight Dinner

No matter who makes the dinner, you can always make it romantic with some candles. Since mood is everything, be sure to clear off the dining room table (or wherever you plan to eat) from any distractions, including electronics and bills. If you don’t want to use an open flame, try an electric candle! Another idea is to use a nightlight in a nearby outlet to give the same glow in the room.

Make it special:

Try a few changes to make it feel high class and expensive without spending money.

2. Movie Night

Movies are easy to come by these days. There are subscription services like Netflix and Hulu, and rental services (physical and digital) like Redbox. Even better, you can do dinner and a movie. Personally, I love pizza or popcorn (sometimes both) when watching a movie with my husband.

Make it special:

3. Picnic

Picnics can be simple if you plan it right. Sandwiches, chips, granola bars, trail mix, and soda are great picnic items that are easy to clean up. The key to a simple picnic is picking simple foods. However, if you don’t care about simple then try some BBQ chicken or ribs. Be sure to bring wet wipes or water and towels so you can clean up!

Make it special:

4. Go Somewhere

If there’s anything better than staying in, it’s going out. Couple can go places and do things. Being a part of someone’s life means everything you do you have a friend with you. Try something new. If you like the outdoors, you could go hiking, fishing, swimming. If you like the indoors, you could go to a museum, art gallery, tours (think breweries).

Make it special:

5. Make Something Together

When you are together, you can make anything. A craft, a fort in the living room, a sand castle, cookies, a cake, babies (ahem). I mean, anything. You can make literally anything.

Make it special:

Do you have more simple ways to date your spouse? Leave a comment!


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