Let’s face it, there are many memories we have that we don’t remember the whole story anymore. Maybe it was too long ago or maybe we just didn’t take enough pictures, or look up from our phone enough. There are many reasons why we forget, age being the most common. Sometimes traumatic experiences, surgeries, or even simply not talking about it with others often enough can make our brains get fuzzy on the details.

Fear not! There are so many ways you can keep these memories close to your heart. I’ve made a list of 5 different things and ideas on what to do. There are so many more!

1. Journal (Physical or Digital)

Keeping a physical journal is always a great idea but sometimes it’s hard when we’re busy in today’s world. However, there are different ways to keep a journal that will fit in with your lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle, you have many options!

REMEMBER! If you choose to keep your journal on the computer, be sure to print each entry and stash them in a keepsake box or notebook. This protects against hardware failure. Don’t lose those memories!

2. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are great ways to visually display memories through more than words. You can theme a scrapbook for vacations, kids, weddings, and more.

3. Pictures

Pictures can be displayed in any way. From hanging in frames to pushpins on a corkboard, you can do whatever makes you happy.

4. Wearables

If you visit somewhere that left a mark on your heart, buy something that will be worn frequently so you can remember every time you wear it. Shirts, hats, keychains and other keepsakes are common in gas stations and gift shops. The key is finding something that you love to remind you of the memories. Even buying a picture at a theme park is great!

5. Talk About It

At family gatherings, there are certain vacations or events that always seem to find their way into our conversations. That’s because these were happy memories and everyone wants to be happy!

Remembering the “old times” with friends and family is the greatest. Not only will you have great conversations about vacations and gatherings, but it will help you remember what happened when everyone talks about it. On top of that, you may collect the same story from different perspectives.


Do you have some other ways you remember life events? Leave a comment!