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Let me remind you that these resources are not designed to be consumed all at once. In fact, I’d prefer if you don’t. Feel free to browse around, but don’t try to take on all of these things all at once. There will be a time and place for when each topic becomes more relevant to you. When that time comes, head back over to this page and grab the next tidbit of information.

Web Hosting

I highly recommend Dreamhost for many reasons. For starters, their customer service is absolutely astounding. They are very friendly, supportive, and quick to respond. Another reason is their highly competitive price. In fact, if you use my link to sign up, you can receive $50 off Dreamhost annual plans.

Online Courses

Your Blogging University offers a ton of great courses by Crystal Paine. She is a veteran blogger (12+ years!) and offers great go-at-your-own-pace online courses that have workbooks to keep notes in to track your ideas and thoughts.

There is another course that is only available a few times a year, called Elite Blog Academy (EBA). Ruth Soukup and her team give you personal time and energy to help you become successful right off the bat.

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Alternate Methods to Earning Stay-Home-Mom Money

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