Haitus Ended! Hello, again!

I have moved out of the state! Now that life is settling down again, I plan to blog more! No, I’m serious this time! I have a good plan in place and a schedule to hold myself to. Although I’ve decided to not just blog about games and such, but adding more topics as well. […]

Hello My Dears…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I assure you I have thought about you all every day. Working at GameStop has cost me alot of time to stream, record, and post. It’s even cost me the time to work on my cosplay outfits. Enough of the sad news, though! My newest manager, we […]

Heading Off to Regional Championship (TCG) in Orlando, FL

Competing in the Pok√©mon Regional Championship is like finding diamonds in Minecraft. When you compete in high-end tournaments, its like saying your deck is ready to step into the ring. Fight the real fight. Dive into the deep end of the pool. This is real. Although, there are secondary perks to going. Besides the intense […]