As the Lion King Song Goes: Be Prepared!

As we are days away from Hurricane Florence pummeling us with rain and wind here in the Charlotte area, I thought it was a great time to talk about emergency preparedness. I’ve always been a big fan of being prepared. There is a sense of security and comfort knowing there’s one less thing we have […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Memories Safe

Let’s face it, there are many memories we have that we don’t remember the whole story anymore. Maybe it was too long ago or maybe we just didn’t take enough pictures, or look up from our phone enough. There are many reasons why we forget, age being the most common. Sometimes traumatic experiences, surgeries, or […]

5 Simple Dates for You and Your Spouse

Whether you’re a newlywed, new parents, been married for several years, or your kids have already moved out, every couple needs a date night. One of the most important parts of a relationship is staying in touch with each other. Spending quality time with the love of your life is the best medicine for stress, […]